What’s the value of human life?
It’s a weird question, right? In terms of dollars and cents, how much is a person worth?
In the US, we’re talking about single payer healthcare. In reality, it would cost taxpayers less than our current system, but the myth that it would cost more is perpetuated as a counter argument. Why?
Even though the far right knows that moving to the American Healthcare Act would cause Americans to die, they continue to push for it because they claim it would lower costs. Even though the center left knows that leaving the Affordable Care Act in place would cause Americans to die, they refuse to back the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, which is currently moving through Congress.
The value of human life is something we have to think about right now. How many of your representatives constituents would have to die before they would sign on to single payer? Do they value their own voters over those of the opposing party?
We’ve been here before. How much is the value of a worker who dies when regulations are too lax? How much is the value of a child who dies because a shooter targeted their school? How much is the value of a woman killed by police because she made the mistake of calling them?
How much are each of us worth to our congressman?
I’m serious. Call your representative. Ask them for a number. We’re not talking about how much your vote is worth to them. We’re talking about how much they would care if they voted yes on your death warrant.