My trans friends are afraid they’ll be tortured in conversion therapy.

My Jewish friends are afraid they’ll be ostracized.

My gay friends are afraid they won’t be able to love in public.

My Muslim friends are afraid they’ll be arrested as automatic suspects.

My friends who are immigrants are afraid they’ll have to leave.

My black friends are afraid they’ll be stopped by police every day for the next four years.

My female friends don’t know whether to be afraid of Pence regulating their vaginas or of Trump trying to grab them.

My low-income friends are afraid of the economy crashing like a failed casino.

Is this what greatness looks like? Because our country isn’t great; it’s terrified.

I’m angry.

I’m angry that I voted for a candidate that would never support me because fear of Mike Pence got the best of me.

I’m angry that the DNC didn’t listen to their base because fear of running with a socialist got the best of them.

I’m angry because our country stood by with two unacceptable candidates because fear of a “spoiler” got the best of us.

Stop. Being. Afraid.

This picture was taken outside of my polling location after I cast a vote I didn’t believe in for a candidate who didn’t want my vote anyway.

_MG_9520.JPGFour lights, shining up against a wall. That’s what we have to be.

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens. That doesn’t matter.

We no longer get to pretend like we all have different goals. We want a country we can live in, thrive in, and succeed in. The policies might be different but the goals are the same.

Donald Trump does not have those goals.

If we ever want our country back we have to take it back and focus all of our energy on Trump. The wall.

We fucked up. Let’s face it. Everything fractured. Republicans voted for the Democrat and the Democrats voted for the Green and the Greens voted for the Libertarian and the Libertarians voted for the Republican. None of it got us anywhere.

We’re not building back up into the framework that got us into this. We can’t. It’s done.

Our responsibility is to more forward, together, and figure out what we have to do to save our country and every individual in it.