My computer ended up in Apple repair hands on Tuesday, which was doubly unfortunate because this week has been long and more eventful than I could have foreseen.

Wednesday was a health oriented day, and for the most part I was going between researching side effects for medication and crunching numbers to pay my tuition (There’s a link to my Patreon account if you’d like to help me with this, because staying in school would offer me resources that I wouldn’t get if I had to drop out).

Thursday Donald Trump passed through Charlotte, and my dad and I got tickets to his rally. This turned out to be entirely unnecessary, because absolutely no one checked tickets and the room was about a quarter of the way full with 600 or so people there.

I got video of the protesters outside of Trump’s rally, but I unfortunately did not get the person standing behind me in this video. He was a police officer and he looked like he was trying not to laugh.


I did get a picture of him as he rode away.

The protesters got within a few feet of each other, but the police were largely hands-off. I’ve come to appreciate this about Charlotte Mecklenburg police, and it held true throughout the weekend.

The DNC was also protesting, with a poor soul in a Donald Duck costume in the humidity outside.


We got inside after stopping to speak with Rose Hamid at the door. She gave me a pen and we talked about Rabbi Judy Schindler briefly. This is a particularly important part of the story to me because I later saw a website claiming that she was anti-semitic, but after she brought up two local rabbis by name that claim is doubtful at best.


The pens had the words “Shalom means peace” printed on them, and they were shaped like Roses.

We didn’t stay for the entire thing, but as long as we were there, this is what my dad was up to while I was taking pictures.


We went to get Chipotle afterward.

All of my published photographs are on COA Photography 

Then Friday happened and that was another day focusing on making plans for college. Complications piled upon complications are making this semester difficult both financially and practically. I also had blood drawn for the first time in my life.

Saturday and Sunday were Charlotte Pride days. You can read about my run-in with Flip Benham over on The New Civil Rights Movement.

I also managed to run into “Gender Royal Guy


This entire adventure was originally going to fall under the Street Preacher Chronicles originally, but that plan was put in place with the assumption that I’d be able to post these photos and stories in something close to real time.


A street preacher throwing a condom away.

Sunday was less eventful than Saturday, but I managed to make myself sick while wandering around Pride. One of the vendors gave me a cup of water for free because I must have looked as bad as I felt, and I don’t know who he was but I am extremely grateful.

I did get a chance to see Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts leading the parade and hugging her constituents along the route. If you don’t know who Jennifer Roberts is, I highly recommend doing some research about her because she is an absolutely incredible person.


Charlotte residents make some Grade-A trolls, as I’ve found out, so there was plenty of that as well.

Her Twitter handle is written on the sign: @MrsStinkFingers


Dueling Preachers. The Scumfuck guy was giving hugs and telling marchers that they were loved. The Chronicles guy… not so much.




For all of the chaos of the week, my favorite part of my responsibilities for the week was to dance and joke and hug and chant with people who came together for Pride. I met some people and forgot most of their names, and saw a lot of people come to some kind of good moment in their lives.










The sign on his bike is a yard sign promoting John Autry, who voted against Charlotte’s original non-discrimination ordinance in 2014 because it didn’t go far enough in protecting the transgender community.
The spirit of Bernie Sanders came to the parade in car form.


Pictures from Saturday are here and from Sunday are here.