In the US, we like to subdivide our politics into categories; liberal and conservative. Sometimes people fall outside of that spectrum even by American standards, and as North Carolina’s HB2 controversy drags on I realize that Pat McCrory is a perfect example of a self proclaimed conservative who is everything conservatives hate.
He’s fiscally irresponsible. He supported the special session that got HB2 passed. That session cost an estimated $42,000. Then, when the backlash hit, he had to launch a damage control centered PR campaign with allocated taxpayer money. After making the rounds on talk shows around the country, McCrory was sued by the US Justice Department for violating both Section VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Acts Amendment of 1972.  This lawsuit could cost the state a lot in funding reductions and legal fees. So McCrory sued back, which could cost the state even more when they inevitably lose. The final price tag of HB2 hasn’t even been calculated yet, but for taxpayers in NC, this is already starting to look like a financial disaster.


He interfered with personal freedom. There is big government and then there is massive government that cares where you go to the bathroom and who you sleep with. McCrory’s government is the second kind. I don’t have the freedom to piss without a birth certificate anymore? I’m not even trans but if someone sees my short haircut and baggy jeans and thinks I look “too masculine” can they call the police? Under HB2, yes, they can.


He undermined local control. When Charlotte passed the NDO after a year of deliberation and overwhelming public support, we did it because that’s what we wanted. It was the will of the people that got the ordinance passed, and McCrory and his friends threw it aside like an education bill.


He’s too politically correct. He’s spent the last month whining about attacks from the left. Sorry, Pat, but you’re a public figure. If someone calls you a bigot, the appropriate response is not to cry while you said bigoted things. If you can’t handle the consequences of your actions, you’re as weak as Donald Trump.


He’s lazy unless he thinks something will help him get reelected. The Justice Department gave him a week to respond to their lawsuit, which McCrory claimed was not enough time, even though HB2 was passed in less than one day. Then, even after all this time has passed, HB2 is still in place. It wasn’t the time that was the problem. It was that McCrory would rather complain than fix his mistakes.



Wait, an irresponsible, lazy, politically correct, big government politician? That is the least conservative person on the planet! Yet he’s been roundly praised by Republicans around the country for his actions. He’s a traitor to conservative ideals in every way.