Every time that my friends and I talk about sleep, or more appropriate really, about our lack of sleep, we discuss about what we do and/or don’t do when we do actually sleep. Some say they snore, some talk, sleep on their stomach, curl up into a ball; you get my point. Then we always talk about how hot or cold we are while we are sleeping and if and how many blankets we do or do not use. I am always a person who is cold. I am cold about twenty four seven, which in my opinion is a lot better than being hot and sweaty all the time. But even though I have the skin of an iceberg, I like to sleep nude, or, mostly nude. My friends look at me like I’m some kind of foreign creature when I say it. “Why do you sleep naked”, or, “What about your roommate, do you really want your roommate to see you naked” is among some of the many questions that I get asked when I make the statement.

First off; me and my roommate are best friends, so she has known for a while what my body looks like, even before we were roommates she knew. All best friends know what the other’s body looks like, and if you don’t, then you’re not really best friends in my opinion. Secondly; why is it so weird that I like to sleep nude? But what they are even more floored by is when I say that if I hang out in my room long enough I pretty much strip down to nothing and relax that way. I just like not having very many clothes on. You probably think that that’s the reason why I’m cold all the time because of my lack of clothing I wear. Well, it’s not. I could wear multiple layers of clothing and still feel like I’m in the Artic. I’m not a nudist, or one of those weirdoes who go public streaking, I just go nude in my bedroom. I’m just more comfortable that way. Another word you’re probably throwing at me is that I’m a whore or slut but I’m not that either so…stop your immature nonsense. I also don’t secretly pose for porn websites in my spare time either, sorry to disappoint.

The thing that blows my mind is the fact that my friends are so freaked out by it. I bet most to almost all who read this article have at least once in their life have slept nude or went around their living quarters all to mostly nude. It’s not some new fad that just arose from the Earth or fell from the sky. Hell, Adam and Eve were nude when they were first created and, from what I remember, stayed like that for a while. I haven’t touched my bible so I’m pretty rusty when it comes to Bible references, even ones like the one I just used. I don’t do it for attention, or because I think I’m hot shit, I do it because that’s what I’m the most comfortable with. When I’m sleeping over at someone else’s house, or vice versa I wear clothing, it’s just when I’m alone or with my roommate. Another reason that I do it also is because I’m not the most satisfied with my body image so I figure that if I see myself nude long enough I will become okay with it and not let it bother me anymore. Kind of like how a person will keep riding a roller coaster and the more they ride it the less scared they’ll be. Or if they keep going into a haunted house they won’t be scared because they’ll already know what to expect, that’s how I’m looking at my body and trying to boost my confidence. It does work a lot but since I do have a bunch more things that are fucked up with me, it hasn’t helped as well as it would with a normal person. Moral of this article though; don’t feel ashamed to go nude. If you want to sleep naked or walk around your house/apartment like that then go at it. Have some fun with it, explore your wild side. Show off that hot bod of yours if you want. How ballsy can you be?