“Millennials are only voting for Bernie Sanders because they want free college!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that line. It’s come from supporters of every other candidate on both sides, and it’s as if that is the only policy they know of that Sanders has proposed.

Would free college be a huge help to my generation? Of course it would. There’s no question about that whatsoever.

Here’s the thing; that will never happen for us.

You heard me right. Millenials aren’t about to get a head start on life from Bernie Sanders. Which is absolutely fine, because that isn’t why we’re voting for him.

                  I’m the youngest possible voter for Sanders. I’m seventeen now and will be eighteen by election time, meaning that I’m at the very edge of the voter base. And despite my youth, none of Bernie’s education policies are going to affect me.

The election is in November. The next president will be inaugurated on January 20th. Any policy proposals will have to go through a still divided congress and nothing in a democracy happens drastically. All of this means that, best case scenario, it will be years before college tuition rates start to drop. Nothing will happen until after current students have graduated.

But you talk about college being free like it’s a good thing, even though it doesn’t impact you.

                  I don’t like living in a country with a bunch of people who hate the very idea of education, and that’s the community that I grew up in. I want a country that values education, where the majority of us make good decisions or at least rational ones, and where there’s no longer any question of hard work leading to living in a shelter somewhere.

Bernie can’t afford his policies.

                  Bernie Sanders has laid out his policy plans and has addressed that point already.  First of all, the US government is profiting off of student loans with the current system. Secondly, he’s advocating for a progressive tax system. What isn’t on his plan is gutting the military (something I support and something I think Rand Paul had right) which would do a lot for our national debt and make it easier to provide for our own citizens.

Isn’t Hillary Clinton just as good?

                  In some areas, yes. In fact, in some areas, she’s a better candidate. Unfortunately, those areas aren’t the ones that particularly matter in the present political climate. Hillary Clinton would be a good *old school Republican president. (I say old school because conservatism is a respectable position but theocratic douchebag is not, and that’s what the party seems to be leaning toward).

Are you voting for Clinton if she gets the nomination?

                  Yes. Second-best is still better than worst. The words, ‘President Donald Trump’ are words that I do not want to get used to saying.