Being there for someone is super important. Especially if they need someone to talk to. Although it is difficult for some people to talk about what is going on in their lives, or what’s wrong in general that strikes a nerve with them, you should always encourage them to do so. As probably a majority of you have been told before, thanks to one of the biggest DreamWorks’ movies of all time, according to IGN, Shrek 2, “It’s better out than in”. Also, studies have been shown that keeping your emotions and feelings buried is harmful to your mental health. When you find that something bad is happening and/or happened to someone that you know, or they’re having issues with themselves personally that they’re not handling very well, you need to be there for them. Even though you may not have a single clue on how to help them or what the hell is going on really, if you truly care about them you should be there. Especially if they are one of your friends or loved ones.

How I look at situations like this is, if you want to someone to lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, you need to be able to provide that some service if needed. I know what you’re thinking, “What if they want to be left alone?”; they are lying. Giving a person some space to deal with their situation(s) is good, I won’t deny that, but even then you should let them know that when they’re ready, you will be there. Not having anyone to vent to even the smallest bit on how you’re feeling is awful. Research has also been shown that this is a big reason why people resolve to drugs, alcohol, and suicide. I’ve been there. I’ve actually been there recently. I decided that it was a good idea to go to the bottle, which of course was absolutely one hundred percent not a good idea at all. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about what was bothering me so I tried to handle it myself which didn’t work out too well. It does not help as much as you think and hope it will, sometimes it actually makes it worse. At least, for me it did. The only thing that it guaranteed for me was a major hangover for the next day and a half.

Some people have a hard time knowing if something is wrong. That’s completely normal. So if you’re dealing with an issue and the person who you want to talk to about it isn’t getting any of your hints, just sit them down and tell them that there’s something you need to talk to them about. It saves a lot of time and heartache trust me. I’ve had that issue as well. Also, if you are just about one hundred percent positive that the person you want to tell is not going to give a flying fuck but for some reason you still want to tell them, don’t. Why in the world would you want to put in the extra effort, stress, anger, and time? It is not in any way beneficial to you.

When telling someone what is wrong with you, it is better to come out directly and not beat around the bush. That person then will then be able to try to help you sooner and try to help increase your positive emotions. Try to anyway. People forget to remember that, not only is it important for them to do their part into making an effort to be there for their friends and loved ones, but it’s also very important for the person who’s going through a tough time to be cooperative when asked what their problems are. It makes it really hard on them to help you if you won’t talk and explain. We tend to not remember that. I know I’ve done it about half a dozen times.  Life is hard, and we all come to moments when we’re stuck, so having each other’s back is the least we can do. Maybe then we wouldn’t have some of the issues we do.