Hello! My name is Little Miss Big Mouth and I am the new opinion/advice column for Charlotte On Acid. My column will consist of issues and subjects that I feel are important for people to stop and think about every once in awhile since we tend to forget some of the simplest every day, courteous, and common sense things. I am just going to come out and say now that I will probably offend most, if not all, of every one who reads my column when I speak of certain topics. My topics will consist of, but not be limited to; love, relationships (romantic and non), past experiences, common curtesy, etc. I will probably not talk too much about politics, but I might hit on some of the major issues that I think need special attention. I will also say right now that even though my column will be mostly if not all opinion based, it does not mean that I think that I know everything. I don’t know every thing; I don’t want to. If I knew everything then life wouldn’t be any fun because nothing would be exciting enough to execute. I hope you all enjoy my column and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Feel free to post suggestions and ask questions in the comment section. Enjoy!