It’s been seven months since Obergefell. Gay people have been getting married since. There are now lots of happily married couples who have finished celebrating and life has gone on. There are some very sad bigots who are have yet to stop whining, but for the most part they have no impact.

But, let’s just suppose that one of them gave the impression of authority and after all this time tried to stop marriages in his state. Remember Roy Moore, the Alabama judge who has already gotten kicked off the bench once for being a religious zealot and was re-elected (because Alabama) only to continue that sort of behavior in the direct aftermath of Obergefell? Well, he’s decided that he wants to try again to stop couples from being married in his state.

It’s having only a small impact. 13 out of 67 counties in Alabama are not issuing licenses to all couples, and some of those stopped long before Moore’s latest complaint. This is a temper tantrum, not an official order. Roy Moore doesn’t have the authority to stop this.

According to the Alabama Supreme court last March, the state’s (now obsolete) marriage ban was not discriminatory because gay people could still marry someone of the opposite gender. Which makes sense until you realize that the whole point of marriage is to be legally tied to someone you love, in which case gay people would be destroying traditional marriage if they decided to get married to someone of the opposite sex.

Moore’s wife is president of a group called “Foundation for Moral Law”, which, judging from the group’s website, doesn’t know the first thing about morals or law. The group issued a statement standing with the national embarrassment Kim Davis and supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood

I hope that none of those 13 counties ends up in court because Roy Moore had decided to attempt to create confusion, but I also think that it’s unlikely anyone will take him seriously. Alabama does not require every county to issue marriage licenses to anyone, and the counties that took issue with the institution of marriage have long since stopped selling licenses. The rest of the state has largely ignored Moore, just as they should.