YallQueda. Vanilla Isis. Yokel Haram. Whatever you decide to call this new group of Faketriots, they’ve caught national attention for taking a stand against a tyrannical government by taking over one of it’s most treasured national symbols: the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge.

With such high profile vigilantes as the Bundy kids, ex-marine-current-nut Jon Ritzheimer, and tarpman, this movement has about as much of a chance of overthrowing the government as they do of realizing that they’re about as scary as 150 GI Joe toys. Sure, they might look tough on the face, but they’re really just nothing but little guys with guns but without balls.

There are pickup trucks blocking the entrance to the refuge. Protesters are wearing camouflage and bringing their kids onto the refuge. They’re upset because they can’t set fires and shoot protected animals. I don’t think that there’s been a more redneck protest in recorded history.

Now, as arbitrary as the refuge might seem, it’s symbolic to these people because two ranchers set fires on the park’s land, were arrested, and did jail time for it. Unfortunately the judge who sentenced them ignored the mandatory minimum sentence for arson of federal land (five years) and gave them a shorter sentence. The ranchers involved, Dwight and Steven Hammond, complied with the court and had nothing to do with this mess at the refuge.

But instead of calling the ACLU and trying to get on board with the movement against mandatory minimums, these “Yeehawdists” took over the refuge at gunpoint instead. Luckily, there are no hostages, no injuries, and no real reason to be concerned.

These are loons with guns. We’re used to those in the US. The difference between these guys and terrorists like Robert Lewis Dear is that despite being just as loosely screwed, the guys in Oregon haven’t got a lot of plans.

Some of them showed up with the intent of dying on day one, hence their forgetfulness that food might be a concern. And of course, the socialist water system that was in place has now been cut off, as well as the socialist electric. It’s near freezing this time of year in that part of the country. Let’s be honest, even when you’re invading your own country, a winter attack is not a good idea in that climate. Why do you think Jade Helm was done over the summer?

I want to stress this. I AGREE WITH THEM that the Hammonds are caught up in an unfair situation that is the fault of federal policy not making sense. Even though they burnt federal property to cover up poaching, five years is a lot of prison time considering no one was hurt. I think it’s even more unfair that the Hammonds are now being thrown in with this crowd’s ideology which they may or may not share, especially since after serving their initial sentence, they did nothing wrong.