Plenty of unbelievable things happened this past year. Good, bad, and irrelevant but funny. 2016 will be much more of the same, more than likely, but New Year’s is a good time to celebrate victories and examine flaws.

Plenty of things happened but listing off everything important would take forever and I’d only be talking about the things I’ve worked on all year. So instead I’d rather pick a few things to focus on that 2015 will be remembered for in the US.

The absolute best thing that was ready to happen this year, happened. On June 26th, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. It was a particularly entertaining few weeks for someone who writes about the issues that I do. Fortunately, I was busy celebrating with my family instead of writing. In a blog post the day after the ruling, I noted that the Apocalypse had still not come. There were so many rainbows everywhere that I thought I was going to go blind. Funnily enough, even the vitriolic upset of the opposition couldn’t bring down the excitement from this ruling. Hands down, this was the best thing about 2015.

Then, there’s the worst thing about it; that mass shootings. Multiple shootings, some worse than others, both inside and outside of the US. Numbers vary depending on the definition of mass shooting, with the site Mother Jones using very narrow criteria for the term and other counts putting less deadly attacks into the same category.

On another sad note, Jon Stewart has left The Daily show. However, when one door closes another opens, and in this case, two. First is Trevor Noah, the funny, young, South African comedian who took over in his absence, and the second is Jon Stewart’s activism off screen.

Then there’s the ridiculous of the year. Topping the list with a smile is John Oliver’s Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, a “megachurch” turned Doctors Without Borders fundraising campaign done by the host of Last Week Tonight. Its primary purpose was not the charity, but to expose the flaws with taxing religious institutions in the US and to show the flat out ridiculous things that our laws can allow.

Topping the list of not so smiley weird things is Kevin Swanson, who, among other odd things, claimed that he would protest his son’s wedding if he happened to be gay. His protest, not turning down an invitation or raising an objection at the appropriate time, but covering himself in cow manure. To each their own, Mr. Swanson.

Here’s to a 2016 that can top 2015.