I get death threats sometimes. None have been credible, less have been concerning, and all have been humorous. If you count the half assed threats of hell and torture where people pretend that they aren’t the immoral ones, their god is, then it’s pretty common.

These don’t bother me. This is what bothers me. In June of this year I was excited because I could shut up about gay rights. I understood that I was less likely to face discrimination while on a campus, and I also understood that those who were still facing the issue regularly could now face it with their rings held high. The part that I didn’t understand, and still don’t on some level, is that the amount of death threats would increase, and that it would be an entirely new type; genocidal.

Multiple theocrats have called for mass killings of gay people, most recently Kevin Swanson, only his came with the condition that we were given “time to repent”.

Look, Kevin. I’m not a sinner. I will not repent, and if your god is real it has me to answer to, and so do you. So let me put it to you this way. You think everything I like about myself is bad. The fact that I’m a recovering Christian, my sexuality, gender identity, compassion for others, good moral standing, passion for life, and my refusal to start a family and make sandwiches for the rest of my life bug you. And your solution is to cover yourself in cow shit.

Theodore Shoebat, Joel McDurmon, Brian Camenker, and other fringe talkers have brought up the idea of genocide and even slightly more serious names like Mike Huckabee and Louie Gohmert have encouraged people who’ve pushed for it, even if they never endorsed the idea themselves.

None of them have the power to put this into effect. None of them have the power to do anything, actually. We shouldn’t be afraid of them. But we have every right to be angry. We can call it hate speech, and rightfully so, but how common is hate speech in our society lately and what good does it do identifying it?

Sure, they’re all easily dismissed. They’ve got a vocal following but a small one. The listeners they do have are cowards. Basically, a segment of the population is saying “we’re oppressed. We need our guns to fight oppression. Wait, wait, wait. You want me to shoot somebody? That’s Jesus’s job!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that line hasn’t been crossed en mass. But it says a lot about the kind of dissonance that they go through. Kevin Swanson might be a flat liar, but plenty of them are just confused.

Here’s my challenge. Instead of being an ass and making your entire religion look worse, pray for me to die. Do you need my GPS coordinates for your god to smite me? My full name, middle initial? What is it, exactly, that your god needs before he gets on that?



Now, I know I’ve been teasing some changes to COA’s lineup on social media. Most of you already know that I’m the anti-christ. (the rest of you, hey, surprise!) So I thought that I’d start off my new reign by writing some of my more official orders on a separate tab. If you choose to follow me, you can find your assignments there.