You guys thought I was done bitching about street preachers, didn’t you? Nope. Not yet.

I haven’t talked about the social position my anatomy puts me into in a while, and even though I slammed into their bullshit about homosexuality, I didn’t put a lot into their shit-talking me and my female classmates.

Some of you guys might be familiar with the site It’s basically the pinpoint of common extremist rhetoric, and this “sermon” that invaded my home and school copycatted a lot of the ideas expressed there.

Basically, they think the role of women should be what it was at the beginning of the 20th century: sandwich maker.

That’s wrong, in case any of you haven’t managed to pick up on that. You’ve had almost a hundred years, and it isn’t a hard concept. Most of us have that figured out. In fact, plenty of extremist preachers have got that figured out. It’s a fringe issue. Which is why it’s so fucking incredible that it’s STILL being preached on a consistent basis to young women, some of whom have a lot of potential. If you have a daughter and go to a church that teaches this, you’re an irresponsible parent.

A woman’s place in society is wherever the fuck she wants it to be.

I’m going to use myself as an example, because I’m the only one who knows what my place is, and I don’t have that knowledge for anyone else (self determination, right?)

My role in society right now is to be a college student, blogger, and to find a mid-wage job so I can afford to finish school and become a journalist. This role is the beginning of a relatively unstable plan that includes contributing to the decline of religious ideologies, balancing a fiction career on the side, and eventually getting my doctorate.

As for being a sandwich maker, I’ll probably never get married. I’m only having kids when hell freezes over, and hell doesn’t exist that’s never. I want a life filled with good friends, travel, witnessing history, and free of, to lift a phrase from Miss Manners (Judith Martin) “The black hole of babydom”.

Yes, I picked that quote from Biblical Gender Roles. Here’s the original post since it was not linked from their article (probably because they took this out of context).

I forgot to mention one thing about my current place in the world. A big part of it is for my site to get more support than these hateful motherfuckers. Sharing my articles and following me on Twitter and Facebook helps me justify keeping everything up, so check it out.