Planned Parenthood is under attack (as if they aren’t normally) and it’s all based on a lie. Specifically, that they sell baby parts.

Now, the Center for Medical Progress, a right wing anti-medical-progress group, released a total of ten videos. The first video was exposed as a fraud. The second video, also a fraud. The third, fourth, and fifth videos, all deceptive. Videos six through ten, while I haven’t seen them debunked, seem just as likely to be frauds. After all, if you have damning footage of an illegal act and release five fake ones before you release the real ones, then your evidence seems suspect.

CMP employees went under cover as researchers, and the Planned Parenthood employees treated them without suspicion. In hindsight, that was the most tragic part of this entire process; the lack of security and common sense at these clinics.

As Snopes points out, “Much of the controversy stems from a lack of widespread knowledge of who buys and sells fetal tissue, what it is used for, and what the law allows regarding its purchase and sale”.

Here’s something else you might not know; stopping fetal tissue donations won’t stop abortions. Every tissue sample is taken post-abortion, meaning that instead of disposing of their medical waste in an inefficient way, PP donates that tissue to help cure illnesses and aid medical progress. Speaking of medical progress, it seems they could use a new center.

Congress recently passed a ban on federal funding to Planned Parenthood. For an organization that could already use better funding, this is an issue. President Obama has promised to veto it, and hopefully he follows through on this.

For those of us who have depended on Planned Parenthood, either for abortions or for other services, this issue hits close to home. I’ve gone my entire life so far without having an abortion, but if I ever get pregnant, I will probably look into it. Even though I’ve been lucky enough to not be in that situation, Planned parenthood is still the reason I’m not a young mother.

I’ve written before about my high school’s sex education program (more specifically the lack thereof). The nearest Planned Parenthood clinic to my school was 51 miles away and across state lines. If you’re curious, you can enter your zip code ( and find the nearest to you.

For me, Planned Parenthood was a savior. At they have all the things we should be teaching young people before they graduate high school, and if you’re being cheated out of your education, Planned Parenthood has got your back. Imagine if you didn’t know to pinch the air out of a condom, or if you grew up thinking that monogamy is the only “real” sex. Then recognize that there are adults who don’t know how to have safe sex.

I used to say that I thought abortion rights were important but that I’d never have an abortion. This has changed. I will have an abortion if I get pregnant, but thanks to Planned Parenthood, my chance of needing an abortion is reduced to almost nothing.

I’m not the only person to share my PP story, and mine isn’t the most compelling. Here are some that definitely show what PP does.

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