One of the many, many reasons I was excited about the Obergefell ruling was that I could finally move on from talking about gay rights. I was sure the homophobia wouldn’t be eradicated, but I also had this idea that the social right wing would be pissed for a few weeks and then take a hint from polls and move on.

I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong.

Keep in mind, these stories aren’t even the immediate aftermath of the ruling. It has been nearly three months since marriage equality crossed the nation. There are still people with the cross overlay making fun of the Human Rights Campaign symbol on their social media accounts. (Yes, still!) Kim Davis still isn’t issuing marriage licenses (Again, yes, still!) Some martyr she is.

Here’s the issue. People look at her deviance and some of them are trying to start shit. After all, she got a slap on the wrist. Why should anyone else have to follow any laws? Because logic.

Anyway, my home state has a Christian zealot running for mayor in a small town. Eugene Homes, a known preacher with a criminal record, is running on a platform that includes, in HIS words, “eradicating homosexuals”. Those are big words for someone with his history. Again, those are his words. I’m not being dramatic. I’m not exaggerating for effect. He wants to enforce sodomy laws, despite those having been unconstitutional for decades. This is not a simple talking point. Earlier this year he tried to perform a citizens arrest on a gay person in a church. Not his church, a completely different church that apparently welcomed those people. This is a guy in the south who wants to ban alcohol and divorce, so he’s got no chance of being elected, but let’s be honest, this is a reflection of our mental health system.

The rest of the south is doing no better. An Alabama probate judge named Nick Williams filed a petition to Roy Moore (who’s been noticeably quiet lately), asking him to issue a ruling to nullify the Supreme Court. The biggest problem is that Alabama’s supreme court, which Moore serves, is not legally allowed to do this, even if the petition took off. Williams said earlier this year that he’s “not worried about following the US constitution”. He also thinks it’s against the law to commit adultery. It isn’t. How can someone who doesn’t understand US law become a judge? I don’t know but it seems to happen far too often.

Linda Harvey took yet another approach, contrasting human sexual freedom with climate change. She claims that we shouldn’t allow gay marriage because, “Human sexual excess consumes vast amounts of energy”. Of course it does, that’s part of the reason humans tend to have less sex as they age. This also has nothing to do with gay marriage. Straight people have sex as much as gay people do. Yes, there are points in life where sex becomes a main focus and can interfere with general life events. We call those times adolescence and most people don’t marry during that time.

And, of course if you missed my rant about Theodore Shoebat, you can check that out on your own time, with the warning that his video is fairly graphic.

It’s almost entertaining. Is this something that happens with every civil rights victory? Do human beings always get more desperate after they’ve lost a battle?

It isn’t that this all wasn’t crazy before, but it seems to have reached an uptake in the last few months. People have called for murdering LGBT people in the past, and some have attempted it, but it never seemed as funny as this preaching politician or the “shoebattuber” or the climate change denier argument.