Let’s break this Theodore Shoebat shit down. He’s a right wing “shoebattuber” (That might be a thing) who recently did an anti-gay video. Actually he’s done multiple anti-gay videos but they all spew the same rhetoric so I’m responding to the most recent, called “gays want to kill him”

He starts off by saying that Kim Davis has gotten death threats from homosexuals. I don’t know if he’s talking about “here’s-a-picture-of-your-house-so-watch-yourself” death threats like Jaclyn Glenn and some other atheist Youtubers have talked about, or if it’s the “you’re going to get beat to death” type of threats that a lot of gay people regularly get from people like Kim Davis, but it would not surprise me if this were the case. So, say it with me slowly, everyone. “The idea that someone deserves to die just because you think they’re wrong is not a good one” So, if you’ve sent Kim Davis or anyone else a death threat, apologize. Okay? Good.

Now, I’d like to point out that even I’ve gotten death threats, and if you can tell by my massively raging comment section, my viewership is low and my page interaction is even lower. Most of the people I’ve gotten death threats from are Christians, because of course they’re Christians. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. So can someone explain to me why death threats equate to “the spirit of the sodomites” for this guy? Especially since he later suggests that gay people should be killed in accordance with biblical law. (ugh Christians)

He then goes on to use the stereotypical high pitched “gay barber” voice. My parents are a DME at a local pharmacy and a funeral director. Neither of them has a particularly high voice. Are they not “gaying” correctly? Also, I’m a Journalism major. Am I not “gaying” correctly?* Help, someone, anyone!

He goes on to use the Westboro line about people who don’t hate gay people being just as bad as gay people. Whether he’s a Westboro member or not I’m not entirely sure, but his tagline about “messages you will not hear in church” might be false for anyone in that congregation.

He also mentions Hollywood and “the elites” Those goddamned, ever-present elites. I’m sure that makes sense in some context. Then he brings up Satan (one of the elites???) and says something quick in passing about violence from the gay community. Other than some patchwork bi-phobia or transphobia, the gay community seems very open to most other people, so I’m not sure what he was talking about and he gives no frame of reference other than to bring it back to those death threats towards Kim Davis.

He says something about violence being an “arousal” to gay people, so I’m sure he’s had limited sex ed, and probably a missionary only sexual experience. Gay people, for those who don’t know, are people who are sexually attracted only or mostly to members of their own gender. In contrast, straight people are those who are attracted only or mostly to the opposite sex. The word for someone who is aroused by violence varies depending on their victim preference; they’re either sadists or masochists, and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Now that that’s clear, the poster behind him suggests that he’s a necrophiliac, which is morally much murkier territory.

There’s also a point where he mentions serial killers and claims they’re all gay. Even, apparently, the ones who rape and murder women on a consistent basis because nothing screams “fabulous” like forcing yourself on someone of the opposite sex. Then again, he makes a point to belittle the very idea of a PhD, so he’s not exactly a gold star academic.

He claims people would want to kill people like him, so my question would be, why isn’t he in hiding? Why is he making a video in his own home and is seemingly so comfortable. Then he plays clips from documentaries about serial killers because that proves things, right? Anyway, the documentaries talk about necrophilia and sadism, which is not linked to homosexuality in any way, as I pointed out before.

He points out that people were asking Kim to obey the law. He seems nonchalant about the idea that the law should actually apply to people. And just for good measure, there’s a Nazi reference, too. The Nazis were Christian, persecuted gay people and everyone else who did not fir their definition of Christian (including other Christians who tried to protect those being attacked by their regime). Yep, one of the sides of this debate has haunting similarities to pre-WWII Germany.

He’s also brought up the million-times talking point of “rallying the church”, or what’s left of it after their dumbass anti-gay force feeding gave my team my generation. He tries to push religious law. He also claims that everyone will “submit to the law of god”. Hey, dude. If your god exists, he’s a fucking asshole and I will worship him only if he can bring himself up to my moral standards. Fuck you and fuck your religion.
I know there are Christians out there who are better people than this guy. Call him out. Make the rest of us want to see your faith in a light that isn’t tinted by “sin” and human sacrifice. Prove that there’s something good in it, because when you let people like this speak for you, none of us can see it.
I want to be your friend. I want to shrug my shoulders when someone tells me they’re religious instead of taking a mental step back and raising my eyebrows. I hate the fact that I have to do that. Stand up, take back your fucking church and if there’s any love left, make it work. And for your god’s sake, be loud about it, because if you’re not louder than the religious right nobody can hear you.

***EDIT*** As has been pointed out, I’m in fact not “gaying” correctly because I’m bisexual. My apologies for any confusion.