Are theists capable of love?
The simple answer: yes

The honest answer: yes, most of the time, depending on the definition

The “flipped script” answer: obviously not

By my definition of love, belief in god is incompatible with love. Love is “an intense feeling of deep affection”, or, to make use of Urban Dictionary “nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing”.  To me, love this is the intent and desire to do what god has never done: make someone’s life better in some way. Love is the desire, intent, and ability to replace god.

Under that definition, I can prove beyond a doubt that theists can never love another person with ten irrefutable points.

  1. When a theist loves someone, they have to reject their god to do so. They have to admit that their god has failed in some way. Because they believe in a perfect god, they have to believe that people who suffer are suffering for a reason. This is immoral and is the opposite of love.
  2. Jaclyn Glenn has a great video on her channel called “Atheist vs Christian Fundraiser” ( that clearly proves atheists to be more capable of love than theists.
  3. A lot of the time they claim to ‘love the sinner, hate the sin”, but when that thing they pretend is a sin is a part of your character, like your sexual orientation or value system, this is nonsensical.
  4. Even if sin was real, they claim that we’re all sinners. How, then, can you love someone that you think is broken in some way? That is not love; that is pity, and their inability to tell the difference is borderline sociopathic.
  5. They can’t give any rational reason that they should love. If god loves us all, we have no need to love each other. God should be enough. By loving someone, you’re admitting that god’s love is not enough.
  6. They believe they’ll be here for eternity. When they spend time with someone, it’s not a limited resource, so it isn’t really “spending” time with them. It isn’t something special, because they have no reason to value that time.
  7. They shame people for sex. Sex is often a physical expression of love. I’ve said before that love and lust are two sides of the same coin, and rejecting this view is antithetical to the very definition of love given at the beginning of this article.
  8. When you have your hands clasped in prayer, you can’t hug someone. That right there is an anatomical fact.
  9. Anyone who decides to bring gospel music into the world just hates humanity with their entire heart.
  10. I can’t really blame them for gospel music. They’re only taking after their role model, who hated the idea of love so much that it created hell.

If you’re religious (or nonreligious and not a dick) you’re probably reading this thinking, “what the hell? You can’t just make up your own definition out of nowhere and hold everyone else to it! That’s so stupid.”

Exactly. Remember that next time someone says, “god is love”.

Why are we flipping the script? Well, I can answer that with a google search.

If you’re religious and you’re reading this, hopefully you were pissed off at me for a second. I don’t think you’re necessarily incapable of love. But if you think that about me, we’ve got problems.