Pride, depending on your lifestyle, can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it’s a reward for working hard, sometimes it’s a badass festival where you can goof off with your friends, and sometimes, it’s a negative consequence that comes from positive acts.

Pride is one of a list of so-called sins called the capital vices, more commonly known as the seven deadly sins. (Moralists aren’t great with creative names) The other six so called sins on this list are envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth.

If you noticed that every one of these sins forbids a human commonality, it’s because that’s the point. We’re told to be ashamed for being human, which is why pride is considered to be the worst sin.

But pride is a good thing in any sense. Sure, self bragging might be annoying, but is it really bad?

Absolutely not. If you’ve done something great or even something mediocre that you think is cool, you ought to be proud. It may not be the reason you did the good thing in the first place, but it’s definitely a perk and one that ought to be embraced.

Most of my readers know that I don’t believe in sin, but even without the religious tinge attached to the word, being human is not a character flaw. You aren’t broken. You don’t need fixed. You’re probably not perfect (like I am) but everyone’s got their strengths.

Confidence. That’s what it comes down to. If you don’t have pride you can’t have confidence.

Having no confidence is awful. It means you’ll stutter the few times you speak. It means you’ll dress to hide your body and not show it off. It means you’ll make bad choices about your personal life and shy away from relationships you might’ve wanted. Worst of all, everyone can tell that you’re struggling much more easily than they could ever have known it if you were chubby, creepy, or had a weird voice.