Sex education has been on American’s minds lately. After all, there have been some new requirements passed on an already laughably failing program. Slipped into a new education bill was a prohibition on any part of any class that “normalizes teen sexuality as an expected behavior”.

The problem is, teen sexuality is normal and it ought to be expected. I mean, if it’s not expected, somebody isn’t paying any attention. Sure there are plenty of people who wait for various reasons and there’s no problem with that. There is a problem with demanding that every teenager fight their instincts over someone else’s personal issues.

There was a time in history where young teenagers were getting married because it was the expected thing to do. In some countries this is still the case. One of the reasons given for marrying people off so young (often without their consent) was because it was at about that age that they were ready to start procreating.

Just because most teenagers aren’t getting married anymore (unless of course they want to get emancipated and live in about half of the United States) doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with having sex.

Sex without marriage is awesome. It’s like birthday cake with no sugar but all of the sweetness. While there are still plenty of teens who think that they’re going to marry their first love and some that probably will, for most teenagers, sex is just that and no more. It’s sex.

And sure it’s this big decision that means you’re a grown up. Yes, it should be taken seriously. Above all, yes, teens should be educated about it. Which makes it fucking ridiculous that most of them aren’t.

Personal story time. My school didn’t have a sex ed class. We had a health class that was taught by our gym teacher. We had one chapter on STDs. <- That dot right there is a period, not a comma.

Yes, my entire in-class sex education was essentially a vocabulary list that included a bunch of medical sounding words that I didn’t do because I was already failing that class because of a different assignment in another chapter.

Luckily/unluckily my friends were almost all significantly older than I was and taught me (surprisingly) accurate information. I feel the need to mention that I hung out with the smart kids and that the fact that the information I was being given was probably a result of their own real research through sources like Planned Parenthood or Sex Etc. and that plenty of teens probably get less than appropriate information.

So, for those teens whose education is being robbed from them, check out those sites and other similar ones or if you’re too lazy to do that, here’s the crash course.

                Sex is more than one person. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in your bedroom, if you’re alone, you are still a virgin.

                Sex is about pleasure, not about power. Rape is fucking not okay.

                Yes means yes, no means no. It’s like asking someone to borrow their car, only instead it’s “hey, can I borrow your genitals?” (Don’t actually say that. It’s creepy and not meant to be a pickup line)

                S&M doesn’t make you weird. Neither does being gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, polyamorous a virgin or the school slut.

                Pinch the air out of condoms before using them.

                Plan B has a lot of side effects. It can mess with your period and cause nausea, headaches, tiredness, and vomiting. What’s that pregnancy thing do again?

                If you can get consistent birth control (which should be included in your insurance), you should. Whether you have sex or not, birth control has a lot of other uses and can help regulate hormones too.

                Just because you’re on birth control doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a condom. Condoms also help prevent STDs, which birth control doesn’t do.

                The more you know, the safer you’ll be. Have fun